Feedback: Constituents and Commentators

Dear Graham


I have seen a copy of the letter you sent to Lizz Truss.

I just wanted to record my grateful thanks for looking into the matter so thoroughly and taking the time to make a meaningful intervention.

Your efforts are very well appreciated by this particular constituent.

Kind Regards

A M, Altrincham

Dear Graham, I just want to express my sincere gratitude for taking the time to send this letter to the Secretary of State for Justice. I am proud and honoured that you have taken the time and effort to understand these complex but hugely important issues.' Mr  C, Altrincham.

' Dear Mr Brady and Sacha,

Robert finally received his notification yesterday and I would like to thank you both on his behalf for all the effort you have taken over this matter. This is a time when our country has many important issues to face but it is so encouraging to know our politicians still have the time and energy to help 'the little man in the street'. The simple granting of this badge will certainly improve my husband's right of access to the normal everyday things we all take for granted.'  Mrs S, Timperley.

'I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you very much for responding to my concerns regarding the upcoming spectrum auction. I sincerely appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, contacting OFCOM on my behalf and keeping me updated with their response. I had no idea you guys were so efficient and helpful, so thank you.'

Mr G, Hale.

'Importantly, thank you so much for your personal note, acknowledging I've returned to good health.

It's really appreciated and demonstrates your fine personal qualities.

It's nearly five years since my diagnosis, treatment and recovery........thanks to the wonderful NHS and in particular Wythenshawe Hospital, The Christie and Dr Patel at Shay Lane practise.'

Mrs S, Hale

'Dear Mr Brady but mostly Sacha,

You guys are rock stars!
I received my passport 3 days after you chased up the UK Visa & immigration office.
Thanks to your action I can carry on with my work; I’ll be in Germany next week.
Huge thanks to the team.' Mr M, Sale.

' I am writing, very belatedly to thank you for the full reply which you obtained from George Freeman to my representation about the NHS database. I do not require a reply.

Please just carry on with the excellent work you have been doing. Mrs E, Altrincham.

'Thank you for an interesting letter sent on 23rd March in response to my emailed comments, mainly regarding Syria. I apologise for the delay in responding but I just want to explain that I feel that my views are well represented by your words and that consequently I feel lucky to be so well represented in parliament. I have always voted for you and am likely to continue to do so even though I do not particularly like the current regime.' Mr I, Altrincham. 'I am writing to thank you for your letters dated 24th February, 18th April and 11th May 2016. I would also like to thank you for meeting with me on Saturday the 16th April and also for the expediency with which you have made representations on my behalf. I’m pleased that you’ve raised my case with the Minister of State for Universities and Science and appreciate the details provided in your letter dated 11th May 2016, in which the government’s position on the matters I raised is outlined'. Mr B, Hale. '

I am lucky to have an MP in Mr Brady who does his job properly and shows he cares about his constituents.' Mr T,Hale Barns.

'I was delighted to hear that the government has stepped back from its plans to force all schools to become academies by 2022. Given the media coverage & interviews you gave this was obviously down to your influence in no small part. You have made a common-sense intervention, and have protected Trafford schools from a pointless & distracting top-down reorganization. On behalf of your constituents and Trafford's school-pupils, I thank you for your efforts.' Mr N, Hale. 'My thanks to you for the time and effort you have put into this issue... I do appreciate that you must have a large number of calls on your time, so your support was valued.' Mr D, Bowdon.

' I had been trying to argue my case with the Tax Credit for over a year, but as soon as I told them I had been in touch with you everything changed. I have had the money back I had paid and they have stopped the further repayments. It just goes to show that unless there is someone like you to act on our behalf we don't stand a chance of being listened to. thanking you again. Ms B, Altrincham.

' Honestly you made the difference as I truly believe if you hadn't intervened I would most probably still be waiting for them to process my application. I am ever so grateful to you. Miss Z, Sale.

I can not tell you how grateful I am to you and all your staff, the way you gave me your time and listened to our predicaments. Many many thanks. Ms M, Hale.

' You will be pleased to learn the DVLA.. have fully  accepted the medical information given by my GP...had it not been for your assistance I am more than certain this matter would not have reached such a speedy conclusion, for which I am extremely grateful. Mr Y, Timperley.

Thank you for taking so much trouble to address my concerns about the referendum so clearly and fully. I am very appreciative indeed. Mr Y, Hale Barns

'Thank you for your letter of 14th September on the Assisted Dying Bill. The time, effort and honesty taken in letting us know how and why you voted is very much appreciated.' Mr M, Timperley.

I am grateful to my MP for attending this event. Please pass on my good wishes to Mr Brady. I believe first and foremost he is a good man and MP, in local and national matters...and in the present political climate these qualitites are very thin on the ground! Mrs R, Sale. 'Thank you very much for helping sort out my problems. I am really grateful, it made my day when this brown envelope was delivered by the postman.' Ms B, Sale

'Graham was only doing what he does so well, which is staying in touch with what people who live in this area are up to from week to week. It's something which, if all of his colleagues did it too, would make a significant improvement to the reputation of Parliament.' Mr L, Hale.

'Today I have received a letter from Graham in reply to my recent email regarding the English Assembly.Please could you convey my thanks for the reply, and also to inform him that myself and my husband and also our family, are in total agreement with the information enclosed;">May I take this opportunity to thank him for all of his hard work on our behalf and also, too, to thank you for all of your hard work fielding letters, emails etc from constituents like myself.' Mrs H Timperley

' The FCA have been in contact yesterday and there is no doubt that your intervention has been of great assistance to us. "I would like to thank you on behalf of my staff and Trustees for your swift assistance in this matter.'

" Thank you very much for speeding my application for working tax credit and your assuring letter regarding my situation. I have received a letter from the HR saying they are going to put the money in my account on 3rd January 2015. I have also received a call from social services asking what sort of support I need, I shall keep in touch with you as soon as I receive more help. God bless you and ypur family because you helped my children and me. I shall never forget your help.' Ms C, Sale.

Dear Graham, Just a quick note to thank you for all your help. As you know my mother passed away recently. She had been living in a nursing home in your constituency . I had problems with the nursing home...I wrote to you to ask for help and you acted swiftly. You are a credit to your constituency and I can never thank you enough. Your secretary Sybil has been fantastic too. I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks again. Mr M Manchester

"May I say that I very much appreciate the trouble you took, in fact you seem like such a nice fellow that I have decided to break the habits of a lifetime and vote for you next election time. I must stress this is despite your party allegiance, I now consider personal integrity in a politician more important than the party political platitudes he or she is forced to utter by careerist party wonks.' Mr B Hale

' Thank you so much for writing to Contour regarding my daughter and her housing need...I am pleased to say she has been offered a property next to me which is lovely. Thank you once again.' Mrs W, Timperley'I wrote to ask you for your help and you acted swiftly. You are a credit to your constituency and I can never thank you enough.' Mr M, Bowdon. 'You have been extremely sympathetic and diligent in trying to get some answers.' Mrs A, Hale ;"

>Thank you so much for your letters from Mr Brady...I would be most grateful if you could tell him that the people who 'robbed' my bank account have now ALL repaid me - in full - a matter of 3 days before the 'deadline' when the Financial Ombudsman could take this matter further and impose fines on these renegade companies. Perhaps you could thank Mr Brady for his concern and for taking this up with the Minister for me......I believe tighter financial regulations are on the way for companies like this...not a moment too soon.' Mr R, Sale.

I have received a letter from Mr Brady this morning enclosing correspondence from the DWP which I have sent onto the employer concerned – hopefully they will look on it favourably. "Please pass on my thanks to Mr Brady for his help,'Ms McS, Timperley' I cannot thank you enough for your intervention in this matter. You are a very busy person and I really appreciate your support to date. I am sure that it is your help that has speeded up the interaction between the companies and the action detailed in the enclosed letter.' Ms H, Timperley 'I would like to thank you for your prompt responses and letters to other queries I have submitted, it's heartening to have a politician represent me that actively engages with his constituents on a regular basis.' Mr W, Altrincham

'My reason for continuing my life-long support of the Conservatives is that he is my MP. An MP who does not court favour but stands up for what he truly believes. Without you Mr Brady, I would most likely think about a change at the next election. Thank you for your work in Trafford and for representing my views so well.' Mr S, Sale

'Thank you for seeing me on Saturday. When I got home the post had arrived and my CRB had come back. I was thrilled...thank you for all your support through the whole process of getting me treatment to enable me to obtain my recovery. Your help has been very much appreciated.' Miss S Broadheath. 'Thank you again for your help. I cannot tell you how much your efforts have meant to my family and myself personally and your support has been invaluable in getting us through this difficult period.'Mr G, Bowdon

'I feel reassured by what he had to say and hope that the future will be brighter (in my eyes!) Again, many thanks for the time and trouble you took on my behalf.'Mrs H, Altrincham 'I think you have done as much, if not more, than could be expected and I am very impressed...indeed honoured , with the actions taken as well as the encouragement contained in the letter from Lord Freud re assurances that there will be help for people like my bother in the upcoming welfare reform. 'T returned home in February and the transition has been successful although there have of course been hiccups along the way. . We are extremely grateful to Mr Brady for the support that he offered us, and I hope that you will pass on our sincere thanks to him. We are also indebted to you for the role you have played in helping us through a very dark time.'Mrs G, Bowdon

'I would like to thank you all as I was without such support from your office where would be and I hope this pushes us all on to conclusion so T paves the way for others to have an easier ride!'
Mrs A, Hale'I know that my husband and I have been extremely grateful for all the effort you have put in on behalf of the claimants and we know that you have done your best to get a fair settlement. I appreciate the prompt and courteous way you have dealt with any letters we have sent to you.' Mrs Timperley'

'I am not a Conservative voter but greatly appreciate the hard work you do as an excellent constituency MP' Ms O'C, Timperley

'Thank you for keeping me informed and to Graham for asking the question and for looking out for business people as we look to grow and develop our economy.'Mr Y, Altrincham

'I just wanted to express my thanks for the support you have given to our campaign to save Sunbank Wood... It is not often that I have voted for a particular MP, more that my MP represents the party, but in this instance, I can assure you that I will be voting for you as an individual at the next election in thanks for your support in this matter.'Mr M, Hale Barns

'This is fantastic news. Their confirmation that we can resubmit our application and ask for it to be Called In is a great result. At last we feel can make our application with a level playing field. Please convey to Mr Brady our very grateful thanks for his intervention, and these thanks are of course also extended to you for your tireless and dogged persistence on our behalf.' Constituent, Timperley'

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for taking the time to sort out my problems. My full pensioner credits will be accredited to me from 29th October and I am owed £1100 in back payments. Again, thank you.'Mrs G, Altrincham'Thank you for your letter dated 16th September 2012. We are very grateful for all your support, everything that you have done for us as a family.'Miss H, Sale