Brady acts on concerns over funding for Trafford schools

Brady goes to the top with concerns over funding for Trafford schools

Graham Brady held a meeting with the Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening MP on 10th January to raise his concerns about the proposed National Funding Formula as it would affect Trafford Schools. Following the meeting Mr Brady said:

“The draft funding formula is entirely unacceptable and fails to deliver the fairer distribution of money that was the whole point of the changes in the first place. I have campaigned for a national funding formula for many years to level the playing field for Trafford. Our schools get the best results in England but are delivering top quality education on a shoe string budget for entirely historical reasons. I met with the Secretary of State as soon as Trafford schools had been able to assess the way the new formula would work. I am confident that she understands the problem and has stressed that these numbers are merely for consultation. I will do everything possible to ensure that our excellent schools get the funding increases that they need.”