Times article on access to top universities

All but one of the 20 councils that send the most state-school children to the top universities in England are based in London or the south, according to the analysis by The Times and the Sutton Trust.

Prospect article on Parliamentary reform

An Englishman who played a key role in both the American and French revolutions, if Thomas Paine were alive today, he would recognise in our Parliament the last bastion of the patronage state from which he sailed 240 years ago.

Separation of Powers

Graham Brady spoke on PM on Radio 4 this evening, in an interview with Carolyn Quinn. You can hear the full interview by clicking the link.

Graham Brady's question to the PM

'With consensus breaking out in support of Budget measures to help those providing for themselves, will my right hon. Friend join me in seeking a new consensus against imposing penal taxes...