Sunday telegraph Article

Conservative governments are at their best when they spread power, wealth and responsibility to the people. Extending the franchise to the working man in the 19th century; giving votes to women in the 20th; the homeowning democracy championed by Macmillan and then Thatcher.

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Commons Diary: Graham Brady

Written by: 

Graham Brady

Posted On: 

14th July 2016

"I take the call from Andrea Leadsom. Her decision was made." The 1922 Committee chair Graham Brady reveals how the Tory leadership drama unfolded. 

Article for Local Government Chronicle

For most people, the structure of local government is as dull as ditch water, but as readers of this journal know, it makes a real difference to people's lives.

Telegraph: Tory MPs must be free to choose In or Out

Yesterday the House of Commons voted in principle to recognise the right of the British people to decide our future relationship with the EU. In defeat, even Labour and the Liberal Democrats have come to their senses and recognised the democratic imperative that only the people can make such a fundamental decision about our democracy and self-determination.

Times article on access to top universities

All but one of the 20 councils that send the most state-school children to the top universities in England are based in London or the south, according to the analysis by The Times and the Sutton Trust.