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As an elected representative, it is vitally important to hear from constituents and others telling me how they'll be affected by the actions of government. 

Advertiser Article - Model UN

It's not often that the Member of Parliament for Altrincham and Sale West gets to address the United Nations,

Sunday Sun Article

As the dust settles, millions of words will be written and spoken about Thursday's local elections. 

Telegraph Article by Graham Brady

Liberate MPs from their party shackles and give them a free vote. We need to restore faith in our institutions- so let's start with the House of Commons.

Advertiser Article: Paying for Care

It is desperately unfair, that those who have worked all their lives to pay off their mortgage, to save for their future or to have something to pass on to their loved ones, face meeting the limitless, often ruinous costs of their care with little or no assistance.

Sunday Times Article 2nd December 2012

It used to be thought obvious that state grammar schools were an important way of opening opportunity more widely in a country that had long been too bound up in social class. Early socialists could see this and promoted scholarship schemes to widen access. Direct grant schools and the grammar schools that flourished after the 1944 Education Act enjoyed wide political support and in the post-war years the Labour party was keen even to find a way to break open the great public schools to working-class children.

'Brit Discs'

A piece of legislation was introduced into the House of Commons this month which is more interesting than it sounds...