Graham Brady Becomes President of The Garrick, Altrincham.

Graham Brady has agreed to become the Altrincham Garrick Theatre's new president.

the Altrincham and Sale West MP follows Sir Fergus Montgomery MP, who was president for 32 years, and his wife, Lady Joyce Montgomery.

Graham said: 'It's an honour to take over from Lady Joyce who stepped into Fergus's shoes when he became unwell.'

Graham and his wife Victoria, attended a special performance of It runs in the Family when he said how delighted he was to accept the honour.

He said: 'It Runs in the Family was a farce and was very funny. We have got the programme for the rest of the season and Victoria and I hope to see another performance when we have a free evening.'

Graham remembers seeing A Midsummer Night's Dream there in 1982 when he was studying for O levels at Altrincham Grammar.

He said: "I also recall watching the Houghton Weavers when I was a new MP.

'I was the last one standing out of 400 in a game of stand up bingo. No such thing as keeping a low profile!"

Hugh Everett, Chairman of the theatre's Board of Trustees, stressed that, without core funding, the Garrick relied on audiences, businesses and the Lauriston Trust to continue.

He said their patrons were ambassadors, not just audience members.

He continued: " I hope the theatre will be a spectrum of artistic activities and social groups, all day, every day.

" Its success is built on the Garrick's formula - great,professional standard local theatre at affordable prices where everyone is welcome."

Graham, 50, said: " If I can help with fundraising or just spreading the word, I'll be happy to do so."