Theresa May at Friends of Grammar Schools event

Theresa May addressed the Friends of Grammar Schools event at the House of Commons on 18th October 2016. Staff from schools across the country attended the event which recognised the contribution of selective schools to excellence in education. Over 100 parliamentarians from four political parties gave their support. Theresa May spoke to the gathering and praised the educational achievements of selective education. She said: “Sadly, too many children in this country today are still at schools that are not good or outstanding. What I am pleased to say is that those of you who are here who are heads of grammar schools represent a part of the education sector that is almost universally good or outstanding.

“As we look at ensuring that we increase the capacity of school places, that we increase the number of good school places across the country for children to give them those opportunities, it is to me obvious that we must look at grammar schools. Because if you said to somebody that there was legislation in the UK that stopped good schools from opening or expanding they would say: ‘What on earth are you doing?’

. “The government is consulting on this … I would encourage all of you to respond to that consultation,” she told the event. “I get challenged in the House of Commons by those who say to me: ‘Where is your evidence that grammar schools make a difference?’ But I would say to all of you that you can give us the evidence.”