Graham Brady Opens First Altrincham Peace Festival

Graham Brady MP has performed the opening ceremony at the first Altrincham Peace Festival. The event, held at Hale Barns on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August is the first event of its kind and features an array of different performers.

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If a week is a long time in politics; the last seven weeks seem an age. No doubt millions of words will be written trying to explain how the Tory campaign managed to wipe out the commanding lead with which the party entered the election.

Theresa May at Friends of Grammar Schools event

Theresa May addressed the Friends of Grammar Schools event at the House of Commons on 18th October 2016. Staff from schools across the country attended the event which recognised the contribution of selective schools to excellence in education.

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Conservative governments are at their best when they spread power, wealth and responsibility to the people. Extending the franchise to the working man in the 19th century; giving votes to women in the 20th; the homeowning democracy championed by Macmillan and then Thatcher.

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Commons Diary: Graham Brady

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Graham Brady

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14th July 2016

"I take the call from Andrea Leadsom. Her decision was made." The 1922 Committee chair Graham Brady reveals how the Tory leadership drama unfolded.